Work anytime, anywhere Work with SAP Business One Starter Pack anytime, anywhere on
/media/lbibzxtg/online-test-2.png Desktop App
/media/lauja4ix/app-installation.png Mobile App
/media/qkeb2uhl/global-2.png Web Browser/Web Client
Manage your business by yourself or in a team
Self-Employed, Freelancers Unify all your workflow within one solution, from accounting, invoices to managing the customers
Micro Business, Start-Ups From finance, inventory to customer pipeline – Stay in control of your business operation efficiently
Small and Medium-Sized Business Greater visibility of the entire operation, real-time data analytics and business reports across multiple teams
Consider WIZTECH SAP Business One Starter Pack Experience your streamlined workflow significantly at an affordable price
Designed to work with the way you can do business:
/media/bmopg4yx/checked1.png Includes accounting features
/media/bmopg4yx/checked1.png Includes multiple essential functions
/media/bmopg4yx/checked1.png Run optimally and manage with greater visibility
Many features
one starter pack
Solution features
  • One of the listed ASR+ software on IRAS
  • PEPPOL-ready
  • In-built real-time business analytics
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel
Lower upfront cost
  • Monthly subscription
  • PROMO: Free 6 months subscription waiver** (worth $984*)
  • Flexible – upgrade to SAP Business One seamlessly anytime
Swift deployment
  • Configuration to deployment and training in 10 days
  • Cloud hosting
  • Include after-sales support
Key functions for an end-to-end management Get a complete overview of SAP Business One function
  • Management & Administration
  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Sales & Service
  • Inventory & Distribution
  • Purchasing & Operations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Mobile App Integration 
Affordable for all Save significantly in your first year – no matter if you’re self-employed or an SME.
  • SAP Business One Starter (HANA)
  • Cloud hosting on WIZTECH’s managed cloud services
  • Include after-sales support
  • Professional service (e.g. set up, configure, deployment, training)
Get started with
WIZTECH SAP Business One Starter Pack
01 Sign up and schedule a call with us
02 Project consultation and kickoff
03 Configuration and implementation
04 Live training sessions for users
05 Receive after-sales support
Start using SAP Business One Starter after only 10 days of Professional Service 
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WIZTECH’s SAP Business One Starter Pack is designed for self-employed professionals, small and micro-businesses to manage their operation efficiently from end to end with fundamental features of a full-fledged SAP Business One solution at an affordable price.
SAP Business One Starter Pack comprises more than just accounting functions; it includes a comprehensive suite of fundamental functions for small and micro-businesses, such as customer database management, purchasing and distributions, to inventory management.
Designed for the SMEs, WIZTECH Starter Pack is priced affordably for $82* / user every month on a monthly subscription basis.
Yes, SAP Business One version 10 is one of the software listed on IRAS’ Accounting Software Register (“ASR”) and includes one of the recommended features – reverse charge mechanism.
Our WIZTECH Starter Pack is available for businesses in Singapore but non-applicable to existing SAP Business One users.
SAP Business One comprise full-fledge features, and add-on customisation is available. In comparison, SAP Business One Starter Pack consists of fundamental features to equip small and micro-businesses to grow sustainably.
Experience the power and simplicity of streamlined workflow with WIZTECH’s SAP Business One Starter Pack and move over to full-fledged SAP Business One seamlessly at any time with us. Let us support your SAP Business One journey from end to end smoothly, no matter if you’re considering switching licenses or getting your solution customised.
Pay for the first 6 months and enjoy the remaining 6 months of free subscription on us, as long as you’re eligible for our Starter Pack. Get in touch with us for more info.