At WIZTECH, we implement office build-outs and structured cabling solutions in adherence to strict regulatory and requirement standards.
License Plate Recognition Cameras
Safeguard your workplace perimeter in clarity with the world’s pioneering leader of IP video surveillance
WIZTECH has been implementing IP video surveillance systems for businesses with products such as Uniview – the pioneering leader of IP video surveillance. Our IP cameras can render high-quality images in low illuminated environments and are equipped with intelligent features such as
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Smart video analytics
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Excellent recording and decoding abilities
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Excellent recording and decoding abilities
Door Access System
Secure your workplace and infrastructure physically
Control and restrict access to your workplace and infrastructure to protect them from potential thefts and incidents. Businesses can monitor and track authorised access to secure their workplace with our biometric door access systems.
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png User permission management
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Zone, floor access, door and device management and monitoring
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Real-time event log monitoring and more
/media/uywpid1n/fingerprint.png /media/uqmbpcxs/face-recognition.png /media/22ffi2d2/communication.png
WIFI APP Installation
Increase your internet connection and improve performance throughout your workplace perimeter
By installing a wireless access point, extend your network to hard-to-reach places and operate within the same SSID where possible.
Our service coverage:
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Wi-fi implementation and installation
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Data cabling installation
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Access points installation
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png Router and access point configuration
Video/Audio Conference
Host secured and clear voice calls or video conferences with smart integrated functions affordably in a single solution. PHONE SYSTEM Reinvented PBX for the remote workplace
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Use your office number to take calls on your mobile phone
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Keep remote teams connected via calls, video conferencing and chats
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Available in iOS / Android apps, web client and desktop apps
VIDEO App-free meetings and video conferencing
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Free video conferencing with no limited time duration
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Host up to 250 participants and no app download required
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Interactive meeting functions e.g. whiteboards, polls
LIVE CHAT Enhance your customer experience with live chat
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Unify social and website enquiries into a single platform and chat on live
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Integrate your CRM to know who you’re chatting with
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Send SMS to customers for reminders and updates
/media/kt3dwmew/checked1.png"" Have customers call you for free from your website with a single click
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