The Building Cloud for Business-deploy a whole range of cloud services and solutions with our highly secured and reliable privately-owned cloud service.
Keeping Your Cloud Infrastructure Safe Wault is a virtual private cloud and a catalyst of cloud-led transformation for businesses, offering a range of cloud and related services. Like the clouds, Wault’s solutions are used and accessible to businesses across regions and platforms.
How Is the Standard of our Wault Private Cloud?
It is hosted in Equinix SG3 – Equinix’s International Business Exchange™ (IBX) data center in the Asia-Pacific region.
/media/552dw5zl/secure_a1.png /media/jkuf4y4f/secure_a2.png
Tier 3 (99.999% uptime)
/media/k2upzcle/secure_b1.png /media/ri4kv4wn/secure_b2.png
24/7 surveillance with restricted access
/media/ozobfrw3/secure_c1.png /media/50fjebnd/secure_c2.png
Uncompromised security with SSAE 18 SOC 1 report
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Cloud Service for Every Business
Software as a Service
  • Consider cloud-based software such as data storage and backup where you can access, store and keep your information secured in the clouds.
  • Other cloud-based software includes telephony & communication, ERP solution, office productivity enhancement.
Infrastructure as a Service
  • Host your infrastructure in the clouds that works equally reliable as a hardware infrastructure frame, removing the need of on-site maintenance of your hardware infrastructure.
Platform as a Service
  • Develop cloud-based software in the clouds without the need to purchase hardware or pay expenses during downtime.

Services we offer

Wault is comprised of cloud-based services and solutions that embrace the future of businesses powered by cloud computing
Email and web hosting
Backups and storage
Virtual machine provisioning
Disaster Recovery
With data centers in Singapore,
Shanghai WIZTECH provides IP IVN services to our customer in China
Reasons to choose Wault Private Cloud:
Flexible pricing Pay only for resources you’ve utilized with our pay-as-you-use pricing model
No high investment cost in hardware as your IT system will run on a network of virtual servers
Minimal downtime Reduce turnaround time as cloud elasticity will scale according to demands, ensuring a smooth 24/7 business operation
One Provider for All Your Cloud Needs
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to understand best suited for your business.