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WIZTECH provides a one-stop solution to businesses for IT infrastructure build-outs, private and public cloud adoptions, web hosting and application development, business digitization, end-to-end with simply a single-point of contact.
Services To ensure that our clients get the most out of their investment, we have expanded our portfolio of services that are structured by the Three Business Towers - Application, Cloud and Professional Services - which are then branched out further into multiple pillars to showcase the services that we offer.
Sales Kickoff After many years of meeting virtually, our sales team from Singapore and Vietnam were able to meet again in person and innovate ideas together on achieving our goals for 2023.
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Application Service
Research | UX/UI | Web Develop
Kew Ong Yah Temple

Kew Ong Yah Temple (upper Serangoon Road) is the oldest temple in Singapore dedicated to the worship of the Nine Emperors (九皇爷 or Nine Emperors Ye). Because of its long history, the managers of Kew Ong Ya pay great attention to website design. The design needs to convey historical and cultural inspiration, while using the unique architectural details of the temple to bring a sense of intimacy and solemnity to the viewer.
The website's CMS is built on the Wordpress platform, coded in PHP language. Launching a beautiful, smooth website in a short time, we did exactly according to the requirements of the managers at Kew Ong Yah Temple, praised by them and met everyone's reading needs.

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Application Service
Research | UX/UI | Web Develop
Taoist College Website and Taoist College Library

Being interested and trusted by many religious and educational organizations, we were very honored to implement a website system for Taoist College Singapore. Complete Taoist College Website is the first part of the project. We restructured the entire old website of the school and replaced it with a special designed website with colors of Taoist culture and thought. Implement Taoist College Library is the second part of the project. We create a Library Management System for the school, making it easier and simpler to manage the borrowing and returning of books. The system is also a efficient storage to help librian manage the books order more conveniently and saving more time. Both parts are made on the Wordpress platform (following the request of the College) but separately on the database, making the management more efficient and secure.

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